11 Apr 2019
hand holding a small earth

What is the difference between being “green” and being “sustainable’? While many people use the terms “green” and “sustainable” interchangeably, these words do not actually mean the same thing.  While both terms have to do with helping the environment and preserving natural resources, they go about it in different ways.  Here’s is what separates green […]

04 Apr 2019
family walking toward house with for sale sign in front

Avoid making these mistakes when purchasing your next home. Whether you are buying your first home or your fourth, there are many mistakes you can make during the homebuying process.  One of the best ways to avoid missteps is by learning about the mistakes other homebuyers have made in the past.  Here are some of […]

21 Mar 2019
How Behind-the-Wheel Behaviors Affect Car Insurance Costs

How your driving habits influence your auto insurance rates. When you begin the process of securing auto insurance, the insurance provider will consider your characteristics and personal factors to determine your rates.  One area auto insurers look at is your driving habits.  But which habits do they look for specifically and how do these behaviors […]

14 Mar 2019
Securing Home Insurance to Protect Against Mud and Landslides

Protecting your home against mud and landslides. When you secured home insurance, you likely assumed you had coverage for every type of damage event.  Unfortunately, all insurance policies have their limits and exclusions, and your home insurance is no different.  Two of the most commonly excluded perils are mudslides and landslides.  If you live in […]