23 May 2019
man grilling sausages

Grill safety tips to try this holiday weekend. With Memorial Day weekend coming up, you may be getting ready to fire up your grill.  However, before you get cooking, consider the safety of your home and loved ones.  To ensure that you have a safe holiday weekend, employ these grilling tips. Check Gas Grills for […]

25 Apr 2019
specialty food store

Try out these suggestions to make running errands easier. With everything on your plate, everyday errands can seem like an unwelcome burden.  Fortunately, there are tips you can try to make your errands quicker and easier.  Try out these suggestions to help you with your day-t0-day errands. 1) Plan Ahead Nothing is more frustrating than […]

18 Apr 2019
man standing by open car door

How to act when using a ridesharing service. Recently, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular.  If you have never used one of these services before, then you might not know how to act.  To ensure that you are a good passenger, here are some of the basic ridesharing etiquette tips you […]

11 Apr 2019
hand holding a small earth

What is the difference between being “green” and being “sustainable’? While many people use the terms “green” and “sustainable” interchangeably, these words do not actually mean the same thing.  While both terms have to do with helping the environment and preserving natural resources, they go about it in different ways.  Here’s is what separates green […]

The Importance of Cleaning Out Your Junk Drawer

Could your junk drawer put your home at risk? For many homeowners, junk drawers just pop up naturally and become a normal part of life.  While having a place to store your various odds and end doesn’t seem like a major deal, your junk drawer can actually pose a major risk for your home.  Here’s […]