What You Need to Know About Yacht InsuranceFind out how to protect your yacht so that you stay worry-free! 

It’s important that you keep your watercraft safe year-round. From jet skis to sailboats to yachts, you need the right coverage to protect your personal watercrafts. Now offering yacht insurance, Weaver & Associate Inc., can help you get all the coverage that you need for all your watercraft. Check out what you need to know about protecting your yacht so that you can enjoy your time out on the water.

Coverage Eligibility.

With so many types of watercraft, it’s important that your yacht meets the minimum requirements for coverage. For your yacht to be covered, it must be between 27 and 65 feet long. Additionally, your yacht must not exceed $1.2 million in value and can only be used for personal leisure time.

Coverage Information.

Just like regular boat insurance, yacht coverage gives you the protection you need. You’re given coverage year-round so that you’re best able to shield your yacht from threats, even when you’re not using it. That way you have protection against a variety of threats such as fire, theft, and liability, both in and out of the water.

Extended Coverage.

When it comes to your coverage, you’re given basic coverage. Upgrade your coverage so that you’re best able to get what you need to protect your yacht. You’re able to extend your coverage to help protect against mechanical breakdowns, emergency assistance, loss of personal property, pollution issues, and workers’ compensation under the Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

Get the coverage that you need for your yacht; invest in the right yacht insurance so that you can stay safe on the waterways. Weaver & Associates Inc. now offers yacht insurance.  Contact the professionals at Weaver & Associates Inc. Our team in Arcadia, California provides you with dedicated service and expertise when finding the best personal and business insurance for your needs.