If you rely on state auto insurance minimums, you are underinsured.

While most drivers understand they need to carry auto insurance, many do not know how much coverage they should have. As a result, many drivers are underinsured without even realizing it. Here’s how you can prevent this from happening to you.


There is no specific coverage limit that separates the well insured from the underinsured. However, if you are relying on a policy that only offers you enough coverage to meet your state’s legal minimums, you are likely underinsured. Policies that only offer insurance minimums generally feature low coverage limits and limited coverage options. These coverages are not enough to completely cover the cost of your claims. This leaves you personally responsible for paying the remaining cost of claims. If you want to protect yourself from this financial risk, you need to increase your policy’s coverage limits.

Increasing Your Auto Coverage

To increase your policy’s limits, all you need to do is call your agent. If you are not sure how much you should increase your limits, ask for their professional opinion. Your agent should be able to offer you different options and explain how each will affect your premium. Additionally, ask about securing other auto coverages such as collision, comprehensive, and medical payments. By making these policy upgrades, you can get the comprehensive coverage you need to protect yourself and your car.

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