With more and more people working remotely due to COVID-19, employers are seeing an increase in work-related stress. Many are taking steps to help solve the problem and implementing the necessary measures to ensure that their employees get the help they need to remain as productive as possible without adding to their stress and anxiety.


The following are a few ways in which employers can help their employees deal with their work-related mental health issues during COVID-19.

Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

With more and more people working from home, the demands on each employee may have increased. They may be required to work more on their own without additional supervision. Employees may be required to take on more responsibility in order to make sure that their work is turned in on time and is as concise as possible. If the employee has children in school remotely, they must learn to balance work as well as their children’s educational needs.

Employers can assist their employees by providing them with the resources they need that will allow them to take on more responsibilities.

Encourage Virtual Interactions to Combat Loneliness

Working remotely can lead to feelings of isolation. Many employees rely on the social interaction they get when they are at work. The ability to talk with others and share ideas makes work go faster and allows employees to feel as if they are part of a team. Without interaction with their co-workers, many employees feel lost and isolated which can eventually lead to depression. The longer they go without the social interaction they are used to, the harder it will be for them to fight off the feelings of isolation and depression.

Employers can encourage Zoom or Team meetings so that they can share ideas or simply have a little social interaction that will allow them to re-connect with their co-workers.

Address Employees’ Concerns for the Future

With all of the drastic changes and disruptions in the workplace, many employees, even though they are still working from home, may have concerns for their future. Many are worried about how they will be able to care for their families if they do not return to a normal work routine. Not knowing when, or if, they will be allowed to return to their work can make it difficult for employees to continue to focus on their skills and the tasks they must perform for their job.

Employers must be able to give their employees the sense of security they need to continue to be productive. This can be something as simple as creating a plan to bring workers back to the office, even if it is only for short periods at a time.

Strengthen Employee Support System

Many employees thrive on being independent. Others would prefer to have the guidance and support of a supervisor or workers who have more experience. Without having support from co-workers and supervisors, the stress of having to figure out things on their own can be incredibly overwhelming.

Employers can prevent this type of stress by creating a network that employees can rely on when they run into a problem. Building a strong support system within each department ensures that everyone has someone close by that they can rely on if they run into a problem

Minimizing the stress an employee feels while they are working is essential if an employer expects them to be as productive as possible. Mental health issues can cause serious problems with an employee’s performance. Employers can help by offering them what they need to feel secure and confident in their abilities.

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