If you are in a good place in your life and things are going pretty well, you may believe that health insurance is not really necessary. However, there are certain benefits to having health insurance even when you are feeling great and are healthy.

  • Preventative Care

Your health insurance policy allows you to receive preventative care treatment every year. You can take advantage of it. All of the care is available to you at no cost based on your plan’s network. Talk to your health care provider to figure out which plan is best for you. Basic preventative care screening includes high blood pressure and diabetes. You also have access to multiple immunization vaccines, including the flu, measles, tetanus, and HPV. Many people also receive shots to protect themselves against Hepatitis A and B. As you age, it is recommended that you are screened for high cholesterol and colorectal cancer. If you are dealing with mental health issues, you can get screened for depression. If you have substance abuse issues, consider getting screened for lung cancer.

  • Figure out Your Network

Your health insurance policy includes a specified network of doctors and hospitals where you are allowed to receive care. Become familiar with the places where you can receive care. Receiving routine care from your primary care physician will help you stay healthy. If you feel ill and need urgent care, you can opt for emergency or immediate care services. If you are diagnosed with a chronic condition, your primary care physician will ensure that you get the right treatment to prevent future problems and can also help you manage your chronic conditions. If you are not familiar with the physicians in your network, try to be proactive. You can visit a few doctors to figure out the most suitable ones.

  • Assess Your Options

Thoroughly analyze your summary of benefits and coverage with a detailed breakdown of different health plans. The goal is to ensure that you make an informed decision. Take your time and analyze different prices and benefits. Perhaps you may decide to change your policy instead of renewing it. Remember that insurance policies are unique based on the costs and benefits. You will be informed on what is covered and which services may require co-payment.

The key to staying healthy is making sure that you continue to follow a healthy lifestyle and opt for the appropriate health insurance coverage. Your health insurance is an asset even when you are feeling well. Our experts here at Weaver & Associates will help you find the right health insurance policy for your situation. Contact us today!