Develop an injury management program for your business.

Keeping your employees safe is a top priority. However, sometimes accidents happen. If someone gets injured on the job, it’s important that your business has a plan to handle the situation. Prepare for the worst and check out these tips to help you implement an injury management program.

Respond As Soon As Possible.

When it comes to establishing an injury management program, the sooner you respond to your injured employee the better. Make it standard protocol to help your employee get the care that they need as soon as possible.

Begin an Investigation.

After a workplace injury occurs, it’s important to investigate the accident as soon as possible. Ensure that your employee is taken care of first and then proceed to determine how the accident occurred in the first place and how any future accident can be prevented.

Establish a Return-to-Work Program.

It’s important that your employees feel valued and appreciated. Plus, it helps to keep your employees loyal to your company. Show your employees that you care by establishing a return-to-work program. That way, after an injury, you have a plan to get them healthy and back to work. Plus, establishing this sort of program can reduce your workers’ compensation costs.

Take Preventative Measures.

When it comes to your injury management program, it’s best to start with prevention. That way there are fewer injuries to manage. Identify potential hazards in your workplace and implement policy to use equipment and provide services safely.

Supplement your business’s workers’ compensation insurance with a comprehensive injury management program. That way you can take good care of your employees. Contact the professionals at Weaver & Associates Inc. Our team in Arcadia, California provides you with dedicated service and expertise when finding the best personal and business insurance for your needs.