Many people are under the impression that buying life insurance is a waste of money and only makes sense for those with immediate family to rely on. However, in reality, life insurance can be beneficial for many reasons when it’s bought at the right time.

Here are a few myths you should know about life insurance.

  1. Depending on family for medical costs during an emergency

    As you grow up, it gets tough for your parents to manage everything for you when it comes to providing for your needs, such as food, shelter, and medical expenses.

    If anything were to happen to them, you might have to take care of these things yourself. You will also need some financial safety net just in case you lose your job or can’t continue working as much as you used to.

  2. Not getting life insurance because it’ll cost too much

    This is another reason people don’t buy it and instead hope to avoid the expense altogether. However, this isn’t always possible, especially in today’s economy, where wages are not keeping up with inflation rates.

    You could find that your income isn’t enough to cover your living expenses if something happens to you or someone else close to you. If you’re worried about affording a policy, consider that you can get it for as little as $5 a month.

  3. Relying on your bank balance for the bad day

    Some people believe if they can save up enough money, then their families will be able to survive without the help of life insurance coverage.

    This isn’t always true because you may face plenty of unexpected expenses that could cause your family’s budget to disarray. You should always consider having some financial safety net just in case something happens to you or another family member.

  4. Looking for a life insurance policy and getting it online

    This is certainly an option but not always the best way to pick.

    Before making any decisions, you should talk to a licensed life insurance agent about your needs and coverage. This way, you’ll know exactly what coverage will work for your situation.

  5. Not getting life insurance because you have no dependents

    Consider life insurance if you want to generate wealth, leave a legacy, support yourself during retirement, or protect yourself if you become disabled or wounded. This is especially true if you’re a woman.

    A woman is likelier to outlive her male husband and may also be the primary caretaker for aging parents.


As you can see, many misconceptions about life insurance exist among common people. By understanding the truth behind these common myths, you’ll be able to find your way through this complicated maze of information and know what kind of life insurance is right for you.

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