New service helps Californians find $17 million in lost life insurance benefits.

The California Department of Insurance in conjunction with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners launched The Life Insurance Policy Locator in 2016.  Since its launch, the service has matched California consumers with policies worth more over $33 million (with over $17 million worth of coverage in 2018 alone).

According to California Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, “This policy locator has made a meaningful difference in thousands of Californian’s lives.  State insurance regulators saw a need for a national service like this a few years ago, and we want to do everything to protect consumers. This tool efficiently connects consumers with lost policies and money they’re owed.”

By 2018, the Locator matched 24,934 consumers with policies from insurers across the country, with over 48,000 consumer conducting searches.  You can access The Life Insurance Policy Locator HERE.

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