Determine what you need to know about keeping your seasonal allergies in check.

It’s that time of year again! Winter is coming to an end and spring is upon us. Along with it comes plenty of beautiful foliage and lots of pollen. It’s time for allergy season. Protect your health against seasonal allergies. Check out these tips to help you reduce your allergy symptoms.

Leave Pollen at the Door.

As spring begins, the air is full of pollen and dust that can aggravate your allergies. This pollen then sticks to you and follows you throughout your day, even when you’re in the comfort of your own home. Help to reduce the spread of pollen in your home by taking off your shoes at the door and changing clothes. That way there’s less pollen spread throughout your home.

Clear the Air.

When it comes to reducing your seasonal allergies, an air purifier is a must. When you filter your air, you help to take out the pollen, mold, and dust that trigger your allergy symptoms. Ensure that you keep your windows closed throughout the spring so that you don’t bring more pollen into your home, and invest in a HEPA air purifier.

Keep Your Home Clean.

When it comes to keeping your allergies in check, it’s important that you clean your home thoroughly. As dirt, dust, and pollen accumulate in your home, you’re more likely to experience allergy symptoms. Clean your home often so that you can keep it dust and allergy free.

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