Understanding who to list on your auto policy.

As you apply for auto insurance, your agent will ask you to name any additional drivers living inside your home.  But do you really need to name all these people?  Here’s what you need to know about listing additional drivers on your car insurance.

  • Who needs to be listed?

Generally, anyone living under your roof should be listed on your auto insurance policy.  While these people might not drive your car regularly, they are still able to do so.  To ensure you have coverage in the event that these drivers are operating your vehicle, you need to name them.  So, all licensed drivers, including teens, elderly adults, roommates, and significant others, should be listed on your insurance policy.

  • Do I need to add drivers outside of my household?

If you are lending your car to someone who lives outside of your household, such as a neighbor or friend, then you do not need to list these individuals on your insurance policy.  In this case, your existing coverage will automatically extend to anyone borrowing your car, so long as you have given them explicit permission to do so.

  • Is there anyone in my household I don’t have to add?

You do not have to list children on your auto policy.  However, once your child receives their drivers license, they will need to be officially named.  Some insurance companies will even ask you to list unlicensed drivers on your policy if they are adults.  Speak to your insurance provider to find out the details of your coverage requirements.

This is what you need to know about naming additional drivers on your auto insurance policy.  Do you have additional questions regarding your car coverage?  If so, then contact the experts at Weaver & Associates for all your insurance needs today.