Allergy Prevention Tips for Your HomeReduce home allergies with these tips.

Itchy eyes and a runny nose are all too familiar to allergy sufferers. Despite the fact that spring is long gone, allergens still plague your home. From dust to dander to mold, there are many allergens that still linger and even thrive inside your house. Keep allergens in check, and use these tips to prevent in-home allergies.

Keep a Clean Home.

Dust is one of the top allergens found in your home. Keep dust at bay and clean regularly. Using a damp cloth, wipe down surfaces to collect dirt and dust.  A dry cloth can spread dirt around the room which can aggravate your allergies even further. Be mindful of the dust to keep your allergies under control.

Avoid Carpeting.

While carpets may be soft on your feet, they’re harder to clean than tile, wood, or linoleum. Allergens get trapped in the carpet fibers, which are detrimental to your allergies year round. Avoid installing carpeting if you can. However, if you must have carpets, steam clean them. It’s the most effective way to rid them of dust, dirt, and dander.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door.

As you go about your day, you collect pollen and dust. It gets on your clothes and your shoes, and then spreads throughout the building when you come home. Limit the allergens that come into your home, and take off your shoes when you come through the door.

Wash Your Linens.

From your bedding to the curtains, use hot water to effectively clean your linens. The warm temperature will help to get out any allergens. Wash your sheets regularly. Take extra measures to avoid allergens in your bed. Seal your mattress with a plastic cover to avoid allergen build up.

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