Arcadia Insurance for College StudentsMany parents forget the importance of tending to their child’s insurance needs once they move away to college. Since this is a crucial step of the big move, we have gathered all the information you need to know regarding insuring your new college student. We understand each student’s needs are unique, therefore, we have covered pretty much all grounds.

  • Many college students choose to bring their cars with them to school so that they don’t have to depend on public transportation. In this case, you would want to contact your auto insurance carrier to make sure their auto insurance complies with all state requirements. This is especially important for those moving to an out of state college.
  • Many college students leave their cars at home because the ample public transportation is enough for them. In this case, you will still need to contact your auto insurance provider, especially if you are looking to get any discounts. Since your young driver won’t be driving for the majority of the year while they are away, you may be eligible to receive a resident student discount. Your child will still be covered during the time that they are home from school.
  • Many college students live in a dorm their first year. If this is the case, your existing homeowners’ insurance policy will extend to their personal belongings. However, keep in mind that the liability coverage has unique limits while they are living out of your house. If they will be bringing any especially expensive items with them, you may need to add additional coverage.
  • Many college students take advantage of the freedom college brings and move into an apartment. If this is the case, you will want to purchase a renters’ insurance policy for only $15 – $20 a month. This will cover all of your new college student’s personal belongings.

Weaver & Associates Inc. is excited for you to enjoy this milestone of sending your child off to college and we want to guide you through each step of the way. Contact Weaver & Associates Inc. for all of your Arcadia, California renters’ insurance needs.