Car accidents are traumatic and stressful. Apart from this, the insurance process, documents, and subsequent police reports can also be overwhelming.

All of the car insurance agencies have access to police reports. The police report is used to confirm if you were actually involved in an accident or not, to investigate when you filed a claim, and also, to adjust your premium.

What are the Contents of a Police Report?

The police report is a summary of a collision with a motorized vehicle – it contains facts about the accident and the investigator’s opinion. Police reports often include some or all of the following information:

  • Date, time, and location of the collision
  • Name, address, telephone number, and insurance information
  • Percentage of damage to the vehicle involved in the accident
  • Accident diagram
  • Statement from party and witness
  • Quotation and violation of law
  • Opinions about the causes of damage assessment

How do the Car Insurance Agencies Use the Police Report?

After an accident, when a claim is reported, the car insurance agencies will conduct an investigation. One of the first things that they will ask for is the police report. The report contains detailed information about the car accident, and is a valuable resource for the following reasons:

To Investigate further

Insurance companies check police reports to resolve insurance claims. With the reports, it will be easier for them to determine how they want to proceed.

To determine the fault

Most car insurance agencies claim the police reports to identify mistakes and determine the extent of responsibility of both the parties involved. If you are 70% responsible and another driver is 30% responsible, your company will pay 70% of the bill, and the other driver’s car insurance will pay the remaining 30%. In some cases, car insurance policies pay the full amount to the driver who bears most of the debt.

The details contained in a police report can be in the form of facts or opinions. Determination of the damage is the duty of the car insurance agencies. They usually conclude who is to blame through their investigation.

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