car maintenance tipsCaring For Your Connection To The Road

Your car is a key component of your summer fun. It gets you to the beach, to the hiking trail head, or even just on the road itself if you want to feel the wind in your hair. Consequently, it is important for your tires—your main connection to the road—to be up to speed and ready to grip the pathways ahead. You know that you need to do an oil change, but maintaining your car means more than just looking under the hood. To help you get ready, consider these tire maintenance tips.

  • Tires are expensive. Make sure they last as long as possible by helping them wear evenly. Winter potholes can throw your tires out of alignment, so check that your tire tread is wearing evenly across the width of the tire. If your tires are not wearing evenly, make sure you get them re-aligned.
  • To ensure you do not hydroplane during a summer shower, it is important you have a protocol for checking the tires’ tread. Grab a quarter and put it upside down in each tread. If your tread does not reach George Washington’s hairline, it is time for new tires.
  • Maximize your mileage per gallon and traction by ensuring that your tires have the proper air pressure. Fluctuation in temperatures due to the changing seasons can cause them to get to the wrong psi, so take a moment to ensure your tires are not under- or overinflated.

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