Christmas is the time to shop and celebrate, but one also needs to be aware of miscreants who are always on the prowl as unsuspecting shoppers leave their cars, loaded with goods, unattended while moving around in their shopping spree. Placing your Christmas gifts in the trunk of your car isn’t a wise solution either, as depending on your existing insurance coverage, gifts stolen from your vehicle may not even be covered.
Know the Extent of Your Coverage

The exclusions and inclusions in your auto insurance policy will determine whether the gifts stolen from your car would be replaced or not.

Car insurance does not cover the cost of items you leave in your car, let alone the cost of stolen gifts. Even though comprehensive car insurance would pay for a smashed window, it would not pay for the stolen content. If the break-in occurred in your driveway, your homeowners insurance might cover part of the cost of the stolen gifts. However, even then, a total replacement can not be guaranteed and will vary from insurer to insurer.

Here are a few practical tips to help prevent car thieves from ruining your Christmas preparations.

1. Don’t Park Your Car in Shady Areas

The last thing you would want would be to let a car thief carry on his misdeeds unnoticed and uninterrupted. No matter where you live, right in the center of the city or on the outskirts, make sure there is ample light in and around the area you park your car. Install a security light to shine over the area where your vehicle is located. You can also make use of motion detectors to hinder car thieves.

2. Consider Locking Your Car

Nothing could be easier than this, yet locking the car is often the last precaution on the average driver’s mind. All anti-theft devices will amount to nothing if you are in the habit of leaving your keys in the car. Regardless of where you are or how long you would be gone, make sure to lock your vehicle every time you leave your vehicle. Having an anti-theft system in place would also deter potential miscreants who would think twice before breaking into a well-protected car.

3. Carefully Conceal the Gifts

If, for some reason, you have to keep your Christmas gifts in your car- may be to protect it from over-enthusiastic kids at home- take steps to keep your gifts out of view and carefully concealed. In case you don’t have a secure garage, never leave your gifts in the vehicle overnight.

Also, while you are on your Christmas shopping spree, watch out for miscreants who are waiting for you to rush into the next store so that they can break into your car. Hence, either leave someone with the gifts or avoid unloading your presents and leaving your vehicle unattended for long.

A little common sense and a whole lot of precaution on your end will actively hinder car thieves from spoiling your Christmas preparations. Apart from these practical steps, you must also carry the right auto insurance policy to protect yourself from car theft.

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