You can save yourself a lot of money by determining whether your health care provider is in your insurance coverage network, especially when you have to make an appointment with a doctor. Not knowing whether your provider is in-network can cost you excessively in terms of out-of-pocket medical expenses and may even prevent you from getting the treatment you need. Instead of being in the dark, make a few phone calls and get the answers you need before making your next medical appointment.

Here are a few initiatives you will have to take to verify if your provider is within your coverage network.

1. Call Your Doctor

The first thing you ought to do is call your doctor and find out what networks they belong to. Make sure to get all of the essential information, including their tax identification numbers. This is extremely important because many physicians, though listed for certain providers, might not be covered under specific plans. This distinction is important because many insurance providers offer multiple plan options that vary from place to place. Knowing the ones which cover your doctor will help you narrow things down.

2. Contact Your Insurance Provider

The next step is to contact your insurance provider and ask what physicians or other medical professionals are covered under your specific plan. Remember that not all plans are the same. Make sure to ask about your physician as well as their services. Thus, you will be able to determine the extent of coverage and whether your physician is covered by the same. Once you have all the required information, you can schedule your appointment and get the care you need without worrying about a substantial medical bill.

3. Verify All the Details of Your Plan

Verify all of the details of your plan with your insurance provider. Know what doctors are available to you so that you don’t have to switch from one physician to another. Before booking any appointment, talk to your insurance provider. If you have to change to a doctor who is presently covered by your plan, make sure that you consider your alternatives wisely. Make an appointment and meet the alternate doctor before you trust them with your care.
Always ask for a recommendation before switching your current provider. Your present doctor may guide you to a colleague, or you can even consult your family and friends for their personal feedbacks. Websites like Healthgrades and Yelp also provide credible reviews and ratings on specific doctors.

It is essential to know whether your provider is covered to save yourself from last-minute shocks of hefty medical bills. Following the steps mentioned above will help you understand your current and available options while choosing a healthcare provider.

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