college student renters insuranceDon’t Lose Those Expensive Back-To-School Purchases

There are many things to remember when your college student is heading back to school. From picking up schedules and room keys, buying all of the textbooks, and packing all of their belongings to move into an apartment for the school months; it is important not to forget one essential thing: renter’s insurance.

Living in a Dorm
Whether your college student is living in a dorm or an apartment building, it is essential to make sure their personal property is protected. Living on campus in a dorm may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Be sure to check with the insurance company to see if this is the case and find out the limits of the coverage. Even if their personal property is protected, the deductible may be too high for a college student, so it may be best to get separate renter’s insurance.

Living in an Apartment
Many renters mistakenly believe their landlord’s insurance policy will cover the structure of the building along with the contents. However, many landlord’s insurance policies only cover the the structure, without covering the personal property inside. In an event of a loss, such as fire or theft, your child will have no protection for their possessions unless they have their own renter’s insurance policy. The roommate’s renter insurance policy will not cover the belongings of your child either.

Protect Your Child’s Property
College campuses and the surrounding apartments are common targets of theft and burglary. Fires can spread rapidly in these areas. With expensive textbooks, televisions, cell phones and gaming consoles, these possessions can easily add up to hundreds of dollars. Renters insurance will also provide liability insurance incase someone is injured on or off your college student’s property, as well as loss-of-use coverage for when their home is considered uninhabitable for a period of time.

With inexpensive premiums and expensive belongings, renter’s insurance is an essential point not to miss off your college student’s back-to-school list.

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