You don’t need to completely renovate or refurbish your house to make it safer. It is enough to make small changes to your home to stay safe and healthy. Here are some inexpensive fixes and home improvement tips that can help you make your home a safer place.

Decor and Electrical Appliances

Hard and sharp objects or decors in your house can injure you. Whenever you buy home decors, make sure they don’t have sharp edges. Reduce clutter and add stability to the stairs to keep your family safe. Place your items in their designated area. Place electrical appliances in dry areas and away from your kids. Keep hallways and rooms well-lit.


Slips and falls can be painful. Check your water meter regularly so that you can fix water leaks on time. Any abnormalities around your pipes and faucets should be taken seriously. Check the water pressure as the high pressure can cause pipes, hoses, and water lines to leak or burst. Install water sensors to stay informed about the problems before they occur.


Check for leaks from appliances. The soapy liquids can make you fall on the floor. Don’t leave taps running. Get these issues fixed before they cause expensive damages to your home.

Air Quality

Some harmful gases and particles in the air can get trapped indoors. Air quality sensors, smoke detectors, and temperature sensors are tools that help people breathe a little easier. Make sure they function well and monitor the carbon monoxide (CO) levels. Install an air purifier to get rid of the dust pollution.

Follow these simple tips to keep your home safe. Also, make sure to insure your home to cover the unexpected and costly repairs. Contact the experts at Weaver & Associates in Arcadia, California for all your home insurance needs.