12 Sep 2019
shielding a home with hands

Home security suggestions to consider. As a homeowner, you are tasked with protecting your loved ones and your property.  Unfortunately, homes are subject to a variety of safety and security risks that require special attention to prevent.  To protect the things that matter most, here are some of the home safety and security risks to […]

15 Aug 2019
couple looking at their new home

Costly homeownership mistakes to avoid. As a homeowner, especially a first-time homeowner, it’s easy to make minor missteps. Unfortunately, many mistakes can end up being very costly down the line. If you don’t want to waste money, then avoid making these homeownership mistakes. Ignoring Small Issues There is an endless number of small issues a […]

paper car cutout with coin stacks and car key

How homeowners can access special discounts on their auto insurance. Homeowners may have heard that owning a home unlocks special auto insurance discounts. While this is not true for everyone, there are ways that certain homeowners can save on their car coverage. Here’s what you need to know. Insurance Bundles One reason auto insurance is […]

20 Jun 2019
insurance claim forms and money

An overview of homeowners insurance waivers of deductible. Most homeowners understand that they need to pay a deductible when they file a homeowners insurance claim.  However, you may be surprised to learn that this isn’t always the case.  If you have a waiver of deductible clause included in your policy, then there are some situations […]