The Importance of Cleaning Out Your Junk Drawer

Could your junk drawer put your home at risk? For many homeowners, junk drawers just pop up naturally and become a normal part of life.  While having a place to store your various odds and end doesn’t seem like a major deal, your junk drawer can actually pose a major risk for your home.  Here’s […]

07 Feb 2019
Understanding the California FAIR Plan Dwelling Fire Policy

What should you know about this special form of home insurance? The California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements, or FAIR Plan, is an insurance pool created to ensure that California residents and business owners have access to basic property insurance.  Specifically, FAIR policies are designed to offer coverage for the threats that those in California […]

17 Jan 2019
Natural Disasters: What Does Your Home Insurance Cover?

When it comes to natural disasters, here’s what your homeowners insurance will cover. As a homeowner, you like to think your home insurance has you covered no matter what comes your way. Unfortunately, every insurance policy has its limits, and your homeowners insurance is no different. However, this does not mean your policy will leave […]

10 Jan 2019
Steps to Make Updating Your Home Inventory Easier

Try out these suggestions to simplify the process of updating your home inventory. At the beginning of every year, there are certain tasks homeowners need to take care of. One of the things you’ll want to tackle this year is updating your home inventory. While this is an undeniably tedious task, there are some suggestions […]