How homeowners can access special discounts on their auto insurance.

Homeowners may have heard that owning a home unlocks special auto insurance discounts. While this is not true for everyone, there are ways that certain homeowners can save on their car coverage. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Insurance Bundles

One reason auto insurance is cheaper for some homeowners is because they secure an auto policy from the same insurance company that they insure their home with. This allows them to bundle these two policies, which automatically unlocks savings for both policies.

  • High Credit Scores

Some homeowners may also gain access to lower auto insurance rates because they have a higher credit score than non-homeowners. Typically, homeowners have better credit scores and more stable finances than individuals who do not own a home. This is particularly true for homeowners who have successfully paid off their mortgage. Because auto insurers factor in your credit score when determining your auto insurance premiums, the better your credit, the lower your car insurance rates will be.

  • Safe Home Location

Homeowners can save on their auto insurance if their home is located in a safe part of town. Auto insurance providers might offer these homeowners lower rates because they consider their cars at lower risk for theft and vandalism.

This is how some homeowners can save on their auto insurance. Do you need help with your homeowners or auto insurance? If so, then contact the experts at Weaver & Associates in Arcadia, California for assistance today.