Does your small business need cyber liability insurance?

Unfortunately, no matter the size of your business, the threat of a data breach is ever-constant.  As the world becomes more reliant on digital information, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your business has the right cyber security protections in place.  One of the best ways to protect your business is by investing in cyber liability insurance.  Here’s what this type of coverage can do for your small business.

What is cyber liability insurance?

This type of insurance covers the risks associated with doing business online.  It covers privacy issues, online issues of intellectual property infringement, viruses, and any other issues that might be passed through an internet connection.

What does it cover?

The protection offered by cyber liability insurance is pretty far-reaching.  To start, it covers the sales lost due to a data breach and covers the cost associated with informing customers about the breach.  Additionally, this type of policy offers business interruption coverage that allows you to keep your business operating despite the lack of normal business functions.  Cyber liability insurance can also cover the expenses associated with recovering compromised data and repairing damaged computer systems.

Who needs this coverage?

Truthfully, anyone who operates a website and interfaces with the public needs cyber liability insurance.  If you conduct any part of your business online, then you should seriously consider investing in the protection offered by this type of policy.

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