Easy to Fix Home Repair Tips to Keep Your Home in Great ShapeLearn how to keep up with your home repairs.

Keeping up on your home maintenance is important. It helps to keep your home in great shape so that you can avoid any costly repairs down the line. However, the costs of constantly calling a handyman to come repair quick fixes can start to add up. Become a home repair aficionado, and check out these top repair tips that every homeowner should know.

Unclog the Toilet.

No need to call a plumber immediately. All you need is a plunger and a few swift thrusts. Using a toilet plunger, cover the toilet drain. Move the suction up and down up to ten times to loosen the clog.  After a few plunges, the blockage should subside.

Repair Drywall.

From hanging picture frames to opening a door too forcefully, your drywall takes a beating. Sometimes you need to repair holes. Hold off on calling for help, and make the repair yourself. All you need is some drywall plaster, a putty knife, and some sandpaper. Using the putty knife, cover the hole with the plaster. Let it dry and then sand the area to smooth out any rough edges. Paint over it to match your wall color, and no one will ever know that the hole existed.

Quiet Squeaky Hinges.

Annoying, squeaky door hinges are an easy fix. All you need is a hinge lubricant. WD-40 works well, but any lubricant should do the trick. Put a little bit of the lubricant on the hinge and swing the door back and forth a few times to loosen up the hinge. Your door will be good as new.

Turn off the Water Main.   

If a pipe bursts, it’s imperative to turn off the water until professional help arrives. That way you can minimize the damage. Know where the water main is and how to turn it off so that you’re able to take control of a sticky situation.

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