Google vs Independent Insurance Agency

Advantages of Independent Insurance Agencies Over Online Retailers

Independent agencies are locally based, which means they have deep insider knowledge of the unique risks of your area and how to safeguard against them. Also, the independent agent is a live person available to help with claims questions, policy understanding, and all of your other insurance needs. Your agent will be able to periodically review your coverage with you, ensuring that you have the right policy at the right price. Finally, an independent agency is able to advocate for you and seek out the best coverage at the best prices to fit your unique situation.

Analysts have been keeping an eye on the trajectory of the biggest players in the tech industry, and predict that online retailers may begin to offer auto insurance services in this first quarter of 2015. Currently, online retailers in the UK offer services where people can shop insurance quotes from over 125 providers on their site.

Experts are saying we should see similar services offered in the United States soon. If the major online retailers do sell auto insurance domestically, it could make it easier for insurance newbies and those looking to cut pennies to secure coverage, but there are a few distinct advantages of working with an independent insurance agency that online retailers—by their internet-based nature—will not be able to overcome.

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