Tools to Help You Handle a Car AccidentHandle a traffic accident with the right tools.

You’re driving along when all of the sudden, you’ve been hit. You’re faced with a flood of emotions including confusion, fear, and anger. It is a stressful set of circumstances. However, it’s important to remain calm and take charge of the situation. Don’t let your nerves get in the way of properly dealing with a traffic accident. Check out what you need to know about handling a car accident. That way you’re prepared to get back on the road safely.

Get to Safety.

The initial shock of an accident can be a bit disorienting. However, it’s important to move to safety. If you’re able to, pull over to the shoulder of the road or better yet pull off into a parking lot. That way you don’t impede the flow of traffic, and you reduce your risk of getting hit a second time. If you’re unable to move off the road, ensure that you’re visible. Turn on your hazard lights so that you’re well seen.

Call the Authorities.

Check to ensure that no one is injured. If anyone needs medical attention, call for an ambulance straight away. Next, call the police. It’s a good idea to have the authorities mediate and record an accident report. That way, you have documentation of the damage that you can later submit with your insurance claim.

Take Down Pertinent Information.

Before you leave the scene of the accident, take down relevant information so that you have a contact if you face any issues down the line. Write down the contact information of the parties involved, the license plate number and make and model of the car, the insurance information of all parties involved, and any other information that you may need. Additionally, take plenty of photos of the damage. That way, you’re best able to file a claim with your insurance company.

When it come to your traffic accident, ensure you’re ready with the right tools and the right auto insurance. Contact the professionals at Weaver & Associates Inc. Our team in Arcadia, California provides you with dedicated service and expertise when finding the best personal and business insurance for your needs.