Health Insurance & Open Enrollment Arcadia CA

Don’t wait! Open enrollment is ending soon, so you need to buy Arcadia, CA health insurance now!

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed a lot about how we do health insurance in the United States. For individual consumers, one of the biggest impacts its made is the timetable it’s set up for us. Under the ACA, individuals and families who don’t get their health insurance through work can only buy their own policies during certain times of the year. These times are known as open enrollment periods.

There’s actually an open enrollment period going on right now, so if you need health insurance this is the time to buy! Our current open enrollment period began on November 1st and ends soon. Today (January 15th) is your last day to buy coverage that will take effect on February 1st. If you miss this deadline but still need coverage, call your agent right away!

The current open enrollment period ends on January 31st. If you don’t have health insurance, you need to buy a policy before that date to avoid tax penalties. Under the ACA, every American is required to carry health insurance – either through their workplace or on their own. You can no longer merely pass on getting a policy. If you don’t buy health insurance before open enrollment ends, you’ll face a fee. You’ll either have to pay 2.5 percent of your household income or $695 per adult ($347.50 per child) in your family, whichever is higher!

Give your health – and your hard earned income – the protection it needs by purchasing health insurance today. Contact Weaver & Associates Inc. in Arcadia, California to get the policy you need before the current open enrollment period ends. As ACA experts, we’re here to help you get the best policy for your unique needs while also helping you avoid tax penalties. Call us today!