Homeowners Insurance Extension To Parents In Assisted Living

Extend your homeowners coverage to give your parents in assisted living the protection they need.

You finally have an empty nest. Your kids are out in the real world and you’re ready to start thinking about retirement. However, there are other loved ones that may need to depend on you. As your parents and in-laws grow older, they may need a little help from you.

In the event that your parents need to move into assisted living, make sure that they have the right insurance coverage. You can ensure that their personal belongings are covered by extending your homeowners policy to cover your parents’ assisted living. A simple policy endorsement can make all the difference. Be sure to take the endorsement and check out these benefits of extending your homeowners coverage to your parents’ assisted living.


Eligibility usually depends on a few factors. The person who is receiving extended coverage must regularly reside in an Assisted Living Care Facility, as defined as a facility that provides residents with meals, housekeeping, therapy, medical supervision, and recreational activities. In order for coverage to be extended, the person residing in assisted living must be related to the insured through blood, marriage, or adoption. Additionally, they must not live in the residence of the insured.


When it comes to coverage, the extended coverage will provide parents with personal property and liability coverage. When it comes to specific coverage limits, it depends on the specifics of the policy. However, most policies offer a maximum of a few thousand dollars in coverage. Additionally, some policies will offer coverage for additional living expenses.

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