Will installing a swimming pool affect your home insurance premiums?

If you dream about relaxing in your own private pool, then you might be considering installing one this summer.  However, before you make this major financial investment, consider how having a pool on your property will affect your home insurance.  Here’s what you should think about.

  • Increased Risk

Much like trampolines and fire pits, swimming pools increase the chances of injuries taking place on your property.  Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for all pool-related accidents on your property, even if the injured party did not have your permission to use your pool.  This means that pools pose a major liability risk for the homeowners.  Additionally, you also face the risk of your pool being damaged.  These risks will naturally affect your home insurance coverage.

  • Home Insurance and Pool Liability

The personal liability portion of your home insurance policy offers coverage for the pool-related injuries that third-parties might sustain.  For instance, if a guest hurts themselves while using your pool, your homeowners insurance would offer coverage for their medical treatment and for your legal defense should the injured party decide to sue.  Please keep in mind that you and your family will not be covered under your liability coverage.  If you and your loved ones are injured or accidentally drown in a pool-related accident, then you would need to file a claim with your health or life insurance.

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