Secure coverage for the precious gifts you received this holiday season.

The holidays are a time of giving and receiving. If you have received expensive or valuable gifts this year, it’s important that they are covered. Not sure what steps to take to get coverage? Here are some things you can do.

Contact Your Agent

Your homeowners insurance offers coverage for your personal belongings. However, this coverage is subject to certain limits. If the value of your gifts exceeds these limits, your policy will not extend coverage. Contact your agent to determine whether your policy will offer the coverage you need.

Have the Item Appraised

If it turns out that you need additional coverage, you’ll need to have your gifts appraised. When you have an item appraised, an expert determines the actual value of each item. Knowing the value will help you determine exactly how much additional coverage you need to secure.

Get Coverage

When it comes time to get additional coverage, you have some options. You can tack an endorsement onto your homeowners insurance that extends your personal belonging coverage, or you can also secure a completely new policy for the items you wish to ensure. Doing so will afford you more flexibility with your coverage options.

These are some of the steps to take when insuring your precious holiday gifts.  Do you have additional questions regarding your personal insurance?  If so, contact the experts at Weaver & Associates in Arcadia, California.  We are ready to assist you today.