Here’s what homeowners can take away from California’s wildfires.

With countless acres burned and over a thousand homes lost, 2018 has been a terrible fire year for California residents. However, amidst all the devastation, homeowners can view California’s wildfire season as a learning experience. Here are some things you can take away from California’s wildfires.

Review and Update Your Homeowners Insurance

Sadly, many California homeowners learned they did not have enough insurance coverage to address all the fire damage their homes sustained. This is largely because they failed to review and update their homeowner’s coverage on a regular basis. This reminds homeowners across the country about the importance of conducting annual insurance reviews. At least once a year, review your homeowner’s policy and adjust your coverage limits to account for inflation, increasing property values, and changing construction and labor costs. By updating your insurance, you can rest assured knowing you have complete coverage in the event of a major fire or other natural disaster.

Be Ready for the Unexpected

California’s wildfires were notoriously fast-moving and unpredictable. Aided by wind, the fires spread rapidly, sometimes skipping full neighborhoods and wreaking havoc on others. Many homeowners were caught off guard by the fires and were unprepared for emergency evacuations. This teaches homeowners that they should be on alert and ready to react to any hazard in their vicinity. This means having an emergency response plan your family can implement at a moment’s notice. Your plan should detail the following:

  • What to pack for an evacuation event
  • What to do during an evacuation (what to do if you are separated, what to do with family pets, how to secure your home, etc.)
  • How to stay in contact with loved ones
  • Where you will stay as you wait for danger to pass
  • How you will address damage to your home

By having an emergency response plan in place, you will be prepared to act in a surprise emergency situation.

These are some of the things homeowners can learn from California’s wildfire season. Are you looking to secure the right homeowners insurance to address your fire or other risks? If so, contact us at Weaver & Associates in Arcadia, California. We are ready to get you covered today.