Personal Umbrella Policy Arcadia CAUmbrella Protection 101

Unfortunately, far too many individuals have classified a personal umbrella policy as insurance coverage for the rich and famous. In reality, there are a bountiful of reasons and common situations where an umbrella policy would come in handy, even for the Average Joe. Rather than leaving your most valuable possessions and assets vulnerable to financial ruin, consider these common occurrences where an umbrella insurance policy would come in handy:

  • Many pet owners assume that their cute and cuddly family member would never hurt anyone, but you must consider their reaction if they felt that you or your family were being threatened. Dog bite liability claims continue to be one of the most expensive homeowners insurance claims, emphasizing the importance of holding the proper insurance protection.
  • Multi-vehicle car accidents are unfortunately very common, and these accidents almost always exceed the standard limits of an auto insurance policy. However, if you hold umbrella insurance, you can feel confident that any damages or claims that exceed your existing limits will be covered.
  • There are a wide range of liability threats associated with inviting guests to your home which call for an umbrella insurance policy. Imagine the tragedy if someone were to slip and fall in your pool, resulting in severe injury. Their medical expenses, lost wages, and any associated legal fees will be covered under your umbrella policy.
  • Anyone who rents out their property to tenants should obtain an umbrella policy. There are so many liability risks associated with being a landlord that this insurance coverage should be absolute.

Contact Weaver & Associates Inc. in Arcadia for all of your California personal umbrella insurance needs. We will help you protect your most valuable assets to the fullest with a personal umbrella policy that maximizes your security. Your liability limits will be extended, ensuring you are always protected under your umbrella.