Most farmers markets are open during COVID-19 crisis to ensure uninterrupted primary food supply. Hence, many people want to minimize the chances of coming in contact with others and look for any safe shop at the farmers market.

How Can You Safely Shop at the Farmers Market during COVID-19?

Give a Call to the Shop in Advance

Before you leave for the market, make a list of products you need, and call to find out how the scenario is at the farmers market. It also helps you shop quickly and efficiently and to minimize exposure to crowded places.

Buy Packaged Food

You can never be careful enough when you are handling food. It’s always better to purchase packaged food items to avoid any consequences.

Cleanliness is Crucial

Let the farmer help you and don’t touch any food without warning. Keep a hand sanitizer and clean your hands if you touch any of the items. Wear appropriate gloves and masks when handling food.

Cleanliness is of prime importance and must be maintained at the shops without any compromises. It’s better to purchase from a shop that is properly sanitized and appropriately ventilated.

Don’t Waste Time

Try to make it quick. Don’t spend too much time looking around the market. Get the necessary ingredients and leave as soon as possible.

Don’t Use Cash

Like many other places, farmers markets prefer cashless transactions to minimize contact between consumers and sellers and vice versa. Avoid cash when you come to the market and use your card to maintain safety.

Shop Alone

Even if you have multiple products to buy, don’t bring too many people. Keep a distance of at least six feet from the other buyers, employees, and sellers. Also, be careful and don’t go to any crowded store.

Keep a Safe Distance

Maintain a safe distance from the buyers, employees, and sellers. Also, be careful and don’t go to any crowded store. Most importantly, if you come across someone you know at the market, please

You can stay safe while enjoying the fresh products from the local farmers market during COVID-19. Insurance for you and your family is also crucial during these times. Contact our experts at Weaver & Associates for all your insurance needs.