Grill safety tips to try this holiday weekend.

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, you may be getting ready to fire up your grill.  However, before you get cooking, consider the safety of your home and loved ones.  To ensure that you have a safe holiday weekend, employ these grilling tips.

  • Check Gas Grills for Propane Leaks

Before you get ready to grill for the first time this season, check your grill’s gas line for leaks by applying a soap and water solution to the hose and then turning on the gas.  If there is a leak, then the solution will bubble in the spot where the leak is located.  If you smell gas near the grill or if you have trouble getting your grill to light, then these are also signs that you have a gas leak.

  • Be Patient

If you are using a gas grill and your fire goes out, then turn the gas off.  Wait at least five minutes before turning the gas back on and attempting to relight the fire.  This will allow the accumulated gas in the area to dissipate and reduce the chances of an explosion when you try to relight your grill.

  • Be Attentive

When your grill is lit, never leave it unattended.  Additionally, make sure that kids and pets do not get too close while the fire is on.  Finally, do not attempt to move a hot grill as this will increase your chances of burning yourself and dropping the grill.

  • Dress Smart

When grilling, wear the right clothing to ensure that you do not catch on fire.  Try wearing short-sleeved shirts that will not drag over the fire.  Additionally, make sure things like baseball caps and apron strings are not in danger of catching fire.

Keep these grilling safety tips in mind this Memorial Day.  Are you looking for assistance with your insurance this holiday weekend?  If so, then contact the experts at Weaver & Associates in Arcadia, California today.