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How To Keep The Roads Safe This Holiday

With December upon us and New Years Eve around the corner, we are all looking forward to ringing in 2015 together. There is one very real danger worth our wariness as the year wraps up: alcohol related traffic accidents. As we get in the spirit of the holidays, it is also time to be diligent about the spirits we and other drivers imbibe.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving released statistics saying that this time of year, fatalities from drinking and driving are on the rise. They report that on Christmas 52 percent of fatal collisions are due to alcohol consumption, and on New Years the percentage is even higher, at 57 percent. The average percentage for the year is 41, so it is important that we drive carefully and encourage our friends and family to do the same.

How can we protect our loved ones and ourselves? First, make sure you will not be the problem. No matter how much you drink, refrain from getting behind the wheel. Help your friends and family to enact the same practice. When driving, keep an eye out for unsafe and erratic driving. If you see a possible drunk driver, report it to the police immediately. You can help people get home safely with something as simple as a phone call.

Most accidents involving alcohol happen after the sun goes down, so if at all possible try to keep off the roads at night. Encourage earlier Christmas Eve festivities, and take to walking the beautiful California streets all strung up with lights once it gets dark. Since the holidays are a time for family and friends to gather, make up a guest bedroom (or even a guest couch) to offer to guests who have had too much.

Weaver & Associates, Inc., located in Arcadia, takes your safety seriously. From your Arcadia auto insurance needs to helping you keep safe and managing your risks, Weaver & Associates, Inc. is here for you and yours. A very happy holiday from our team to you!