Arcadia Open Enrollment DeadlinesIt Is Time To Sign Up for Individual Health Insurance—Don’t Miss Out!

As the holiday season gets in full swing, so does the second open enrollment period for individual health insurance coverage. This second wave on open enrollment began on November 15th and will continue until the deadline of February 15th.

If you are lacking health insurance, it is imperative you take advantage of this period to avoid being hit with penalty fees. From now until mid-February, you have your choice of insurances plans and providers. You will be able to get the coverage you not only need—but also deserve—for you and your family and may even qualify for cost assistance. With a deadline just after Valentine’s Day, when you start to think of getting sweet treats for your loved ones remember that you can also give them and yourself the gift of peace of mind with great insurance coverage.

A missed open enrollment period is not only a missed opportunity; it will mean added expense and work on your end to secure coverage. You will likely be able to secure short-term coverage to meet your insurance needs, but you will not be able to avoid the penalty fees for not having coverage. Those fees are higher than they were last year, at 2 percent of your income or $325 per adult ($162.50 for children), whichever is more.

Do not go into the New Year without great health insurance. Weaver & Associates, Inc. in Arcadia will meet all of your California individual health insurance needs. Our experienced team of Certified Covered California Agents is sure to help you get the coverage you need, as we will navigate the new rules and regulations of the Affordable Care Act for you. We want to get you established with individual health insurance coverage in a timely, stress-free way, so contact us today!