Holiday Home Safety TipsKeep Your Home Merry & Bright With These Safety Tips

It is the time of year where we string our trees and lay our mantels with holiday cheer, making our homes cozier as we all gather in them. As we come together, it is important to make sure holiday home safety is considered alongside all of the festivity. A few precautions will keep your holiday jolly, so we would like to offer you these holiday home safety tips.

  • While Trimming the Tree: Getting the home holiday-ready is not as easy as tossing tinsel around. There are ladders to be climbed, cords to be rearranged, trees to be lugged in, and masses of pine needles to be pricked by. It can be a lot to take on, but make sure you are being mindful with each step. Have someone spot for you as you reach high places, check your lights for frayed wires or broken bulbs, and opt for a fresh, more fire-resistant tree.
  • While Dreaming of Sugarplums: Make sure all lights are turned off and candles are blown out when the day is done. It might be tempting to leave the tree lit, but unattended lights are a fire hazard. Unplugging your tree at night also gives the added bonus of making your lights last longer, and lowering your energy bill.
  • While Ringing in the New Year: When 2015 rolls around and it is time to take down the decorations, make sure you properly dispose of all of your waste. Be careful with your combustible materials (everything from propane tanks to touch up paint to paper) and make sure you are cautious with your flammable cleaning products.

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