Arcadia Homeowners Insurance and Licensed ContractorsWith the price of building materials increasing, it may be tempting to try to cut costs by hiring a less expensive contractor. Building projects can be expensive, so it is natural for you to want to save money where you can. When coming across contractors who charge much less than others, you may learn that they have yet to obtain their license. Do not be fooled by thinking that this contractor is a cheaper and adequate alternative! The contractor you hire to take care of your project needs to have their license.

These certifications are mandatory by law in all states. They were put in place to make sure that dishonest contractors could not take advantage of property owners.

When interviewing professionals who may be right for the job, your first task should be to ask for proof of licensure. If they are unable to provide it, move on to the next candidate. If they are licensed for a different state, you should not work with them until they have updated their licensure for the state you are in.

Building projects can cost thousands of dollars! If you choose to hire an unlicensed contractor, and work needs to be redone, your insurance will not cover it.

Do not risk having to use more money to repair things that were not done correctly the first time. Make a solid investment, and hire the services of a fully licensed contractor.

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