Arcadia Earthquake Insurance and Disaster Preparedness

As earthquakes tend to be a main concern for many California residents, it is important that we partake in disaster preparedness strategies to prepare ourselves for these unexpected occurrences. With recent earthquakes in the headlines, many California residents are left wondering when the next big one will be. Here are some helpful earthquake safety tips for you and your family so that you can prepare and recover with ease:

  • Every member of your family should know how to appropriately respond during an earthquake. Each member should know exactly what to do when the earthquake begins and what places in the house are safe to take cover. It is important that you inform all younger family members the importance of staying away from windows, mirrors, any hanging objects, fireplaces, and large, heavy pieces of furniture. You will also want to remind everyone the importance of preparing for aftershocks after the first big shake.
  • It is important that you stock up on emergency supplies so that you are ready to recover after the earthquake.

Your emergency preparedness kit should include:  

    1. Aa battery operated radio
    2. Extra batteries
    3. Flashlights
    4. Cooking fuel
    5. First aid kit
    6. Nonperishable food
    7. Medical supplies
    8. Blankets
    9. Utility tools
    10. Enough bottled water for each member of your family for at least 72 hours.
  • At least two members of your household should know how to turn off the utilities in your house. After an earthquake, you must turn off the gas, water, and electric lines to ensure safety.  Be sure the tools needed to shut off the utilities are in your emergency kit.

Contact Weaver & Associates Inc. in Arcadia for all your California earthquake insurance needs. We understand your fears as a California homeowner and we can provide you with an earthquake insurance policy necessary to safeguard your home and your family.