Backyard & Pool Safety Tips for HomeownersStay Safe With This Backyard Guide

The summer is finally here, and you and your family are probably spending as much time as possible in the fresh air. That likely means you are spending many of your nights and weekends in your backyard and by the pool. So you can enjoy your sunny summer stress-free, here are some backyard and pool safety tips for homeowners.

  • Grill: One crucial component of backyard safety is grill safety. Make sure your barbecue is at least ten feet away from your home and other structures in a well-ventilated area. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby, and teach children to stay away from the grill. After you grill, clean your grill grates to ensure that leftover fat and grease does not cause a flare-up next time you fire up your barbecue.
  • Deck: Give your deck a thorough appraisal. Check for any loose support beans or railings, loose or missing screws, cracks, rot, or other indicators that the deck could be unsafe. Then, clean and seal your deck to minimize the possibility of splinters this summer.
  • Pool: One of the best ways to ensure pool safety is by erecting a perimeter fence around the pool with a self-closing, self-latching gate to prevent children and pets from falling in. Also, keep reach poles, flotation devices, and a first aid kit poolside. Consider enrolling your children in swim lessons. By teaching your children to swim as young as possible (pediatricians support lessons starting at age one), you significantly reduce their risk of drowning.

Another crucial component of safeguarding your family and your backyard is the right homeowners insurance. To ensure your Arcadia home has the coverage it needs so you can rest easy this summer, contact Weaver & Associates Inc. Serving Southern California since 1959, we have the experience necessary to ensure you are protected.