California Drought and Wildfire SeasonCalifornia Drought and Wildfire Season

As a resident of the Golden State, it is important to understand how the California drought is continuing to worsen as we emerge into wildfire season. In fact, wildfire season is becoming more of a year-round worry due to the severe drought conditions we are currently faced with. When it comes to conquering both the California drought and wildfire season, it is important that you keep these vital guiding points from the pros in mind:

  • The most effective way to make improvements is to shift focus from suppression to prevention, as it is much easier to take proactive measure today than control a wildfire with the little amount of water we have left.
  • Clearing combustible materials is a top concern. Since many trees and plants have become dried out and dead due to the severe drought conditions we are experiencing, there are more combustibles on our hills and valleys than ever before.
  • As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to safeguard your home from one of California’s most prevalent disasters. This means creating a defensive zone around your home so that there is room for firefighters to perform their job should a fire breakout. If you are conducting any home remodels in the near future, be sure to request fire resistant materials for each phase of the project whenever possible.
  • One of the more difficult tasks necessary to meet the goal of shifting towards prevention and away from suppression is boosting the health of forests. The well-being of our forests continues to be neglected as businesses and corporations dig into our natural resources for their business’ survival, and we must make change now before it is too late.

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