Preventing Home Theft While on VacationStop Thieves With These Tips

If you are planning a summer vacation, you probably have a lot of excitement surrounding your trip. It would be a shame, then, to return home only to have all of the fun spoiled by discovering your house has been robbed. You deserve to enjoy your summer vacation with peace of mind, so use these tips for preventing theft in your empty home.

  • Check The Locks: This might seem like a no-brainer, but you may have a second story window that could use a second look. Check that the locks on every single one of the windows and doors in your home are functioning and strong; then, use them.
  • Get A Safe: Keep your most sensitive information and valuables in a safe that is bolted down in your home. If you keep private data on your computer, lock it up in the safe before you head out.
  • Ask For Help: Ask a nearby friend or family member to drive by your home every other day. That way, he or she can note any suspicious activity and pick up any accumulating mail that could tip a thief off.
  • Trim Your Hedges: To ensure that thieves do not have good hiding places while scoping out your home, keep your yard cleaned up.
  • Stay The Same: Do not tip thieves off that you are out of town by doing something different. For example, if you always leave your blinds open, do not close them when you go out of town. Also, consider getting a light on a timer in a prominent window to give the illusion you are home.

Of course, should the worst happen and a tricky thief get in, you will want to have a homeowners insurance policy on which you can rely. Fortunately, the expert team at Weaver & Associates Inc. in Arcadia is here to help you customize your California coverage so you can set the right protections in place. To learn more before you head out on vacation, contact us today!