15 Nov 2018
Effects of Cancelling Your Auto Policy

What you can expect after cancelling your auto policy. If you have to cancel your auto policy before your term is up, you are probably worried about the repercussions of your cancellation. Luckily, when you cancel your policy for a legitimate reason, there aren’t real consequences to your actions. Read on for more details. Voluntarily […]

13 Sep 2018
Are You Underinsured?

If you rely on state auto insurance minimums, you are underinsured. While most drivers understand they need to carry auto insurance, many do not know how much coverage they should have. As a result, many drivers are underinsured without even realizing it. Here’s how you can prevent this from happening to you. Underinsured? There is […]

16 Aug 2018
What is Car Insurance Misrepresentation?

Learn more about car insurance misrepresentation. Car insurance misrepresentation, also known as material misrepresentation, is a type of insurance fraud. You are committing car insurance misrepresentation any time you lie on your auto insurance application. Examples of car insurance misrepresentation include applying for insurance under a false identity, lying about a previous car accident, or […]