Commercial Auto Insurance Mistakes in Arcadia

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Whether you make deliveries, or you venture on tons of business trips, if you drive for work, you need the right auto insurance. However, your personal auto insurance won’t cut it. You need commercial auto insurance to give you the coverage that your need. Finding the right policy, however, can be daunting. Don’t make these common commercial auto insurance mistakes. Check out what you should know about purchasing insurance for your commercial vehicles.

Mistake: Assuming your personal auto insurance has you covered.

It’s not uncommon for business and employees to think that a personal car insurance policy has you covered. However, if you are driving for business and you get into an accident, your personal policy won’t cover you. When you drive for business, there’s more liability. You’re suddenly responsible for more than yourself. You’re responsible for the company, customers, and any products or services that are provided. To cover those extras, you need more liability coverage that a personal policy just won’t cover.

Mistake: Forgetting about hired and non-owned vehicles.

While your business may have a fleet of company owned vehicles, they may not be the only automobiles that are used to carry out your business. Many companies forget about vehicles used that the company doesn’t own. However, if you use any vehicle for your business, you need commercial coverage. Get coverage for hired and non-owned vehicles. If you rent, borrow, or have employees use their personal vehicles, add on additional coverage or look for a commercial auto insurance policy that gives you coverage for these types of vehicles.

Mistake: Covering the bare minimum.

Getting the bare minimum when it comes to coverage may be the most cost effective. However, it may come back to haunt you later. Every policy has their limits. If damages from an accident exceed that limit, you’re left paying for the difference out of pocket. Instead, pick a policy that gives you plenty of liability coverage.

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