Anti-Burglary Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

These anti-burglary tips will help to keep your home safe while you’re on vacation!

Summer vacation is here, and it is time to travel.  Whether you’re just leaving for the weekend or going on an international adventure, it’s important that you keep your home safe while you’re away. Before you set off on your trip, check out these anti-burglary tips to keep your home safe while you’re away.

Lock Up.

Before you leave, double check that all the doors and windows are properly closed and locked. Put a wooden stick into the sliding glass door track for added protection. Additionally, remember to remove any spare keys hiding on your property.

Talk to Your Neighbors.

Buddy up with your neighbors and tell them that you’ll be out of town. It’s a good idea to let your neighbors know that no one is home. That way they can keep an eye on your property and report any suspicious activity.

Mail & Newspapers.

Nothing is more indicative of an empty home than a pile of newspapers on the driveway and an overflowing mailbox. Put a hold on your mail and newspaper deliveries if you’re heading out of town. Or ask a neighbor to pick them up for you.

Avoid Social Media.

When it comes to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s fun to share all your life’s happenings. However, posting your vacation plans lets burglars know that you’re out of town. Refrain from posting any travel plans on the internet until after you’ve returned from your trip.

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