Heat-Related Illness & Workers' Compensation Insurance in Arcadia

Get workers compensation for your employees and protect them from heat-related illnesses this summer.

Summer is fast approaching. As the warmer weather settles in, be wary of how the heat may affect your employees. Too much heat can pose a severe health risk to your workers. Protect them in the hot weather with these tips to prevent heat-related illness and workers’ compensation claims.

  • Provide plenty of water. When temperatures heat up, your body needs water to help it stay cool. Give your employees adequate water supply and make sure it’s easy to access.
  • Watch the heat index. The heat index is a measure of humidity and temperature. As the humidity increases, your body will feel hotter, and it becomes harder for your body to keep cool. Take it easy on days where the humidity is high.
  • Find some shade. Temperatures are cooler in the shade. Let your workers take a break in the shade. Or better yet, try to provide shade while your employees are working.
  • Take a break. Working in the heat puts lots of stress on the body. Give your employees that opportunity to rest if they need it. Rest can help them prevent overexerting themselves which could lead to heat-related illness.
  • Be mindful of workers with health issues. When your workers have health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes, it increases their risk of getting a heat-related illness. Be vigilant and keep in mind that they have a greater risk.
  • Know the signs. Learn all about heat-related illnesses so that you can be vigilant. Heat-related illness can include heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, heat cramps, and heat rash. If any of your workers exhibit any symptoms, get the help that they need. Additionally, educate your employees about such symptoms so that they can recognize any issues too.

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