El Nino Preparation Arcadia CAExperts say the coming El Niño will bring monster storms; start preparing today!

In our drought-stricken state, the idea of El Niño bringing lots of precipitation our way initially seems to be a welcome one. The problem, though is that experts are now saying the coming El Niño could end up being as strong as 1997’s, which cost 17 lives and caused $550 million in damages.

Are you ready for this kind of major storm this winter? You and your family will be better able to weather El Niño if you use these preparation pointers!

  • Take the time to make sure you’re up-to-date on your home maintenance. Clean out your gutters, point downspouts so they’ll pour down a grade away from your foundation, and trim your trees so they don’t clog your gutters and downspouts to make drainage easier for your home. Also, get out your caulking gun and patch up the seals around your doors and windows.
  • Consider moving important possessions to an alternate location, or at least to the highest level of your home. Also, scan copies of all of your important documents and store them digitally.
  • Talk with your family about how to stay safe during a storm, like staying away from downed power lines and avoiding driving in flooded streets.
  • Update your home inventory so that filing an insurance claim will be easy, should you need to do so.

Did you know that your California homeowners insurance doesn’t cover you against flooding? In order to protect your financial wellbeing in the face of rising waters, you need a separate flood insurance policy. To learn more about how this coverage could buoy you through this type of disaster, contact Weaver & Associates Inc. in Arcadia.