Halloween Safety Tips Arcadia CAMake sure your holiday stays sweet with these Halloween safety tips!

Halloween is just around the corner! Your kids are probably filled with excitement about debuting their costumes and gathering candy, and you might even be looking forward to the festivities yourself!

To help keep your seasonal celebrations full of treats without any tricks, use these handy Halloween safety tips.

  • Costume Care: Mind your kids’ costumes to ensure they’re safe for them and others. Cut eye holes large enough in masks that your kids have their full range of vision, shorten longer costumes so they don’t present a tripping hazard, make sure the costume includes comfortable shoes, and choose soft props like foam or rubber swords or broomsticks.
  • Driving Dos: If you’ll be behind the wheel on Halloween, take extra care. Kids can get a little too excited (and hyped on up sugar!) and aren’t always careful about where or when they cross the street. Make sure you don’t have any distractions in the car, and drive slowly.
  • Walk Wisely: Similarly, if you’re on foot, be smart. Only cross at crosswalks once all approaching cars have come to complete stops and stick to well-lit streets.
  • Candy Caution: Go through your kids’ candy together. This gives them the chance to show off their spoils, but it also gives you the chance to swap out any pieces that look less-than-safe to eat for alternatives.

You can work to keep your own family safe this Halloween, but what if another less careful trick-or-treater trips on your property and decides to sue you? Your homeowners insurance policy could step in with its liability coverage to help you cover that expense – provided you have it! To get the protection your home and your family need, contact Weaver & Associates Inc. in Arcadia, California today!