El Nino Preparation Monrovia CAFlood Insurance vs. Mud Insurance in Arcadia, CA.

Typically appearing in December, the climatic changes and effects of El Nino are just around the corner. Some things to expect during this time are temporary increases in the temperature of water sources as well as variations in sea-surface, global weather events.

In times outside of normal protocol, it is especially important to educate yourself on the details of your insurance coverage. One area to make sure you understand is coverage regarding floods and mud. Although it could be assumed that courage would be the same or similar, coverage for flooding and mudslides vary quite a bit and are specific to the plan you have.

Floods–just like landslides and earthquakes, are not covered by a typical homeowner’s policy. However, The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) offers flood insurance plans that can be purchased through a local insurance agent and can act as a supplement to your home insurance policy.

Often times, the substance flooding is not purely water and contains mud as well. This is where things get tricky and clarification of your coverage regarding flood and mud is important.

Muds–What is the difference between a mudflow and a mudslide? Does it matter? It does in terms of insurance coverage. Homeowners insurance plans do not typically cover this because the cost to cover possible damages are extremely high. Thus, if a natural disaster were to occur and you do not have any type of coverage, you will be held solely responsible to fix the damages.

There are supplementary plans available of course that will cover these costs if added to your plan. Many times, mud insurance is offered as a tack-on with an earthquake and landslide protection plan.

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