National Preparedness MonthPrepare for Any Accident or Incident During September!

As the summer nights close in and the fall and winter months approach, now is the time to prepare for any accidents that may occur. While California is not known for rainy and dark winters, the state can face storms, earthquakes, and floods at any time. Although natural disasters are an emergency to prepare for, you should also prepare and protect yourself from burglaries, car breakdowns, and a decline in health.

Follow these safety tips for full coverage!

Restock the Car’s Emergency Kit
Your car should always have a First Aid kit, snack bars, plenty of drinking water, blankets, and a flashlight. Now is the time to check those expiry dates on the snack bars, refresh the water, and replace the flashlight batteries!

Schedule a Maintenance
Your car should be given a once over before the winter months hit. A loss of tread on the car’s tires could cause the car to skid on black ice, and low tire pressure can increase hydroplaning on water. The car fluids should be topped up, and the body and tires should be checked during this month!

Install Safety Devices in The Home
Burglars love the dark nights so be sure to add that deadbolt to the door, replace your outside light bulbs, and install a security alarm. Ensure your fire alarm’s batteries are working too, and these simple safety features could save you money on your homeowner’s insurance!

Get Your Pets Micro chipped
In the event of an emergency, you and your pets may get separated. You can reunite sooner by micro chipping your pets!

Make a Plan
Everyone in the household should help to develop the emergency plan so that they know what to do should something occur. A meeting point and an emergency contact person should be established, as well as looking into alternative routes should roads be closed, and pet-friendly motels in case you need to evacuate the house.

Review Insurance Policies
The best way to prepare for an emergency is prevention. Update your health and life insurance policies, along with your homeowners and auto insurance so that you remain protected should an incident arise.

For comprehensive coverage for your Arcadia, California insurance needs, contact Weaver & Associates Inc. to receive the correct insurance for you and your loved ones!